Can a DUI Be a Felony in South Carolina?

Can a DUI Be a Felony in South Carolina?


When you think about the punishments that come along with a DUI conviction, you probably think first about losing your driver’s license. And, of course, that is one of the potential punishments, and it’s a serious one. You likely take your driver’s license in the state of South Carolina for granted currently, but losing it will make you realize just how essential it is for day-to-day life. Hiring a DUI lawyer in Charleston to fight for your rights and aim to keep your driver’s license is a worthy endeavor on its own, even if you don’t face more significant punishments.

Felony Charges a DUI lawyer Can Help With

To answer the question from the title of this article, yes, DUI can be a felony crime in the state of South Carolina. The main determining factor here is whether or not you are a repeat offender. If this is your first DUI charge, you can expect to face a misdemeanor – which is still a serious situation – but you shouldn’t have to deal with the ramifications of a felony. However, if you have been through this before and have been convicted of previous DUIs, it’s possible that you’ll be looking at a felony charge and will want to get the help of a DUI lawyer in Charleston as soon as possible.

Serious Punishments

There are two specific punishments on the table that should quickly get your attention if you face a felony DUI charge. First, you could lose your driver’s license for good. It’s one thing to lose your license for a period of time, but it’s a much bigger deal to lose it for life. Also, jail time is possible for felony DUI, and you could do as much as seven years. With life-changing stakes on the table, reach out to a DUI lawyer in Charleston as soon as possible after your arrest to evaluate how you should proceed.

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