Swift Punishments in SC for Under-21 DUI

Swift Punishments in SC for Under-21 DUI


DUI is always a serious charge, and defending yourself with the help of a DUI lawyer in Charleston is always a good plan. With that said, the charge is even more serious for those under the age of 21, as there are some automatic punishments in place for this type of violation. If you have recently been pulled over and found to have a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit for people under 21, reach out to a DUI lawyer in Charleston right away to review your options.

A Harsh Reality

At the time you are pulled over and investigated for DUI, you probably won’t have any idea of what punishments are waiting as a result of this situation. For starters, this is an area of the law with a zero-tolerance policy in place, meaning it’s an automatic suspension of your license for between three and six months if you are over the limit of .02%. And, if you decide to refuse the blood alcohol test, that punishment will be moved up to a minimum of six months, with longer suspensions for those with previous convictions in this area. It’s important to get a DUI lawyer in Charleston on your side quickly in this case so you can work on defense and fight to minimize the punishments you receive.

Stand Up for Your Rights with a DUI Lawyer

While there is no doubt that this experience will leave you stunned and looking for answers, you need to do your best to remain calm and focus on your future. You have rights in this situation, and you want to make sure those rights are protected at every step along the way. Of course, standing up for your rights properly can be difficult when you don’t have the knowledge and experience offered by a DUI lawyer in Charleston, so obtaining representation should be your first step.

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