Top Three Traits to Find in a DUI Attorney

Top Three Traits to Find in a DUI Attorney


When you need to find a Charleston DUI attorney to represent your interests, you’ll want to make sure you pick out the right partner from the start. Of course, there are plenty of options out there for a Charleston DUI attorney, so you might feel overwhelmed when searching for one that you can trust. As you search, keep the following three traits in mind.

#1 – Experience


There is simply no way to substitute for experience in DUI cases. Working with someone who has been handling South Carolina DUI cases for years is going to give you a big edge and help you mount the right defense based on the details of your case. There is no reason to let an inexperienced attorney learn on the job with your case when so many experienced options are available.

#2 – Personal Attention

With some law offices, you’ll never even meet the lawyer whose name is on the side of the building – you’ll deal only with the supporting staff from start to finish. And while those supporting staff members can do great work, you deserve personal attention given the severity of this situation. If you open for the Law Office of Peter David Brown as your Charleston DUI attorney of choice, you’ll personally meet with Peter early in the process to be sure your needs are heard, and your representation gets off to a good start.

#3 – Fair Rates

Investing in good DUI representation is certainly worth it, but you don’t want to pay more than is necessary to stand up for your rights. Ask about the cost of representation early in the process and get a detailed explanation of what it costs and why. If you are evaluating a few different possibilities for your attorney of choice, cost shouldn’t be the only factor you weigh, but it does need to be part of the decision.

The Law Office of Peter David Brown is ready to serve you. For criminal defense in a wide range of areas, including DUI defense, contact our office to get started with a free consultation. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.

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