Dog and Animal Bites

Are you or a loved one the victim of a dog attack? Depending on the circumstances of the attack, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries!

Dog and Animal Bites Over the years, the insurance industry has moved to exclude dog bites from the standard homeowners’ policy. If such an exclusion exists in your case, you will need an experienced attorney on your side to investigate the policy for any legal flaws or other applicable policies to cover your medical bills. However, if the policy does cover the attach, the insurance company will have a detailed plan to mitigate their potential monetary loss. An adjuster is quickly assigned to the claim to protect the homeowner and their company’s best interests. They will investigate the incident, interview potential witnesses, take self-serving statements, and frequently attempt to obtain a statement from the attack victim or their guardian. This is when you need to have us on your side, protecting your interests!

Did your attack occur while you were on the job?

If you can answer “yes” to this question, then you may be able to bring a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Our firm is experienced with handling on-the-job dog bite claims and has successfully mitigated the amount of money that the workers’ compensation insurance company recovered from the third-party claim against the homeowner’s insurance company. This is a common issue that should be considered before agreeing to a settlement with an insurance company protecting the interests of the dog owner.